Today we are releasing a plugin to integrate discord chat system with WooCommerce.

With the help of the plugin, you can send the orders from WooCommerce to different discord channels. You can select a separate channel for each product category.

The plugin settings panel
WooCommerce Configuration Section

Download the plugin from our website. And also please, keep subscribed to updates, we will mail you every time we add bug fixes or add new features.

Setting Up

Once you have uploaded and activated the plugin, navigate to the Settings >> WP Discord Post. 

Enter a bot name that you will be shown on discord when the plugin post orders. You can optionally set a bot avatar or use the default one.

General Settings

Check Send Orders to enable sending orders to discord

Enable Sending Orders

The All category is used when no category is matched. You may set it to your general channel, as we have done. Then add more channels for your product category by clicking + Add New and save your settings.

Add all your channels and then save settings

Get Webhook URL from Discord

To get the Webhook URL from discord, click the little settings gear beside your channel name and then click Create Webhooks under Webhooks section.

Let us know when you think about the plugin and if you need any help!

Please note that this plugin is a modified version of WP Discord Post by Nicola Mustone, which is a great a great plugin too, by the way, but we removed the unnecessary features and also added multiple channel supports for each category of products. So you can’t have both plugins installed at the same time.