WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping

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Plenty of our customers use WordPress multisite to manage a network of online stores. With WordPress multisite, you can cover any number of stores with just one single installation.

It greatly reduces your management overhead because there’s only one installation to keep updated, secure and one place where you can install all of your plugins.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to map multiple domains to your WordPress network installation.

Update Document Root

Login to your cPanel and go to Domains. Take a note of the document root directory of your WordPress network/primary domain. In this example, my primary domain is allured.ltd, which has a Document root of public_html.

cPanel Domain List
cPanel Domain List

Now every domain you want to map to the network should have this same directory set as the document root. In my example, I will map tinypixels.ltd to the network. So I will change the Document root of tinypixels.ltd from /tinypixels.ltd to /public_html.

Test If You Have Successfully Changed Document Root

After you have updated the document root, enter the URLs in the browser. You should be redirected to the main domain of the network. If this test is successful, you can go to the next step. If you are not being redirected to the main domain of the network, please make sure that you have completed the above steps correctly.

Add/Update Domains in WordPress

Now go to your WordPress admin network dashboard >> Sites. Click Edit beside the name of the site you want to add the domain to. On the Edit page, enter the new domain as shown in the screen below and click Save Changes.

Update Site Address WordPress Multisite
Update Site Address WordPress Multisite

You should now be able to access the site over the domain name.

Let me know in comments if it worked for you. If are facing any problem, comment below, we will help.

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