Taking Phone Orders in WooCommerce

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While WooCommerce is used to create online shops where the customers make the purchase themselves. It’s also possible to take manual orders on behalf of the customers and mak the payment.

In this tutorial, we will show you add customer details and make the payment on behalf of the customer or send the invoice to pay.

Adding Customer Details

Go to WooCommerce>> Orders >> Add order to view the order details page.

Order Details Page
Add Order Page

On this page, you can load existing customer details or enter the details manually to create a new order.

Loading Existing Customer Details

To load existing customer details, click on the drop-down below customers and type the first few characters of the customer name. Your billing and shipping address will automatically be populated from the existing record once you click on the customer name.

Load Existing Customers
Load Existing Customers

Alternatively, if you don’t have the customer in the database yet, you can enter the details manually.

Add Orders Manually

Click on the edit icon beside billing and shipping address. Enter the customer details and also select the correct payment status form the left most column.

Add orders manually
Manually Enter Shipping and Billing Address

Adding Products

To add products, scroll down and click on the Add Items button, and then Add products. When the add product popup appears enter the first few character of your product name to see the product in the list. Click on the product name to add the product. On this screen, you can also adjust the price, enter a coupon code and add shipping charges. Once done, go to the top of the screen, and click Create to create the order.

Add Items
Add Items

Mail the Invoice

Your order has been created. Now to mail the invoice, select Email invoice/order details to the customer from Order actions and click the arrow next to it. Your invoice will be sent to the customer and he will be able to pay for the order now.

Send Invoice
Send Invoice

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