Manage Multiple WooCommerce Stores from One Central Dashboard

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WooCommerce Multistore is a great plugin if you want to run a few stores from one central place.

Keeping WordPress updated, maintaining plugins, managing products and orders is quite a lot tasks even for a single store. If you have more than one store, much of your precious time is wasted managing the stores, keeping the inventories in sync and products updated.

WooCommerce Multistore is a great plugin to simplify all of these. It offers a few features that make the life of busy shop owners easy.

We will explore the features of the plugin in this article.

Sync Products

One of the great features of the plugin is that it can sync/replicate one or more products across many sites. If your network has 10 stores, there’s no need to add the product 10 times. With the plugin, you can add the product once and then sync across all of your stores with few clicks.

The plugin has a bulk replication feature which lets you update more than one product at once. Besides it also has integration with the WooCommerce product editor to sync the product you are editing.

Central Order Dashboard

The plugin also offers a central order dashboard where you can view all of your orders from all of your shops. From the central order dashboard you can cancel orders or fulfill orders. You can actually do most of the order related staffs from this dashboard.

Have a look at the video below to see it in action.

Order Export

The order export feature can come handy if you need want to enter the order details into another system such a 3rd party accounting system or inventory management.

You export all order details of all stores in the network with few clicks.

Order Export
Order Export

Let us know if you like the plugin and want to use it on one of your stores. We provide installation and setup support for multisite network and WooCommerce Multistore.

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